Training Seminars & Conference Keynotes


Our ever popular training seminars attract 1000s of satisfied participants each year. Our  dynamic keynote conference presentations consistently 'wow' audiences throughout Australia. Find out more about our latest seminar topics.

In-House Customized Workshops


Our customized workshops and training programs are speficially designed to meet your needs. They are guaranteed to grow your people, teams, business or organization.  Find out more about all our in-house designed workshop topics.

Consulting & Coaching Services


Our personalized consulting and coaching services provide intensive support to individuals, teams and organizations to unlock the success skills needed in a rapidly changing world.  These services complement all training program topics.

Social Mobile & Research Services


Our social mobile services provide you with a very cost effective and successful mobile and social media campaign. Our research services also help you to understand the needs of your customers, clients, staff, managers and more.


What would you do if you knew you could never fail?

The two major reasons that limit the success of individuals, teams, organizations and businesses are...a lack of knowledge and a fear of failure.  At TEAM CONSULTANTS our mission is to provide the knowledge needed to ensure your success and remove any fears.  Our workshops, consulting and coaching services and our research and planning services are all designed to provide the knowledge you need to guaranteed outstanding success. 


Free Assessment of Your Needs

We provide all our potential clients with a free assessment of your specific training, coaching, consulting and research needs.  Please contact us for your no obligation free assessment and quote via email at or call us on 08 9371 2677.


Free Tips and Resources for You

We provide regular quick tips, articles and resources for thousands of our clients covering such topics as building terrific teams, leadership, stress management and dealing with people. You can begin accessing these complimentary resources right now.